How to Apply Gel Nail Polish Perfectly?

Gel nail polish is one of the hottest nail care trends today.

Aside from the beautiful color, design, and long-lasting effect, one should also pay attention to the disadvantages it brings.

To acquire an informed decision as to whether or not acquire gel nail polish, read through this article before deciding.

What is gel nail polish?

According to experts, gel nail polish is another term for hard artificial nails.

It is a liquid gel applied the same way with the regular one but deemed better as it does not leave brush strokes.

Each coat of nail polish is then subjected under LED with best led lamp for nails, which is a chemical process to help the gel set on nails.

How to Apply Gel Nail Polish Perfectly?

Gel nail polish is different from acrylic nail polish

The most common misunderstanding with nail art is conceiving gel nail polish to be the same with acrylic nail polish.

Acrylic nail polish is different from gel nail polish in a way that it is a combination of liquid and powder.

The said type of nail polish creates a protective layer on your natural nails and only has to be air-dried.

In essence, acrylic paints are often used to extend the length of nails or create an extra layer of durable, thicker nails.

Gel nails polish, on the other hand, is known as soak-off nail polish coming from a bottle or pot of gloop.

Compared to acrylic nail polish, gel nail polish is difficult to dry and needs to be cured under LED lights.

Also, acrylic paints are usually transparent or have nude colors. Gel paints come in all the same colors as regular paints.

Advantages of gel nail polish

  •  The gel nail polish is a chemical with moderate consistency. When applied, it provides gloss and durability.
  • Compared to acrylic powders, manicure gels are more durable in color, faster drying time, and much better gloss.
  •  Gel paint comes in all colors with different shades like normal paints but offers a glossy appearance.
  • The beauty of gel nail polish is that it can last up to a month without easily getting chipped away.

Why is gel paint durable?

The purple light emitting from the nail lamp is UV rays which help in drying the gel coating quickly.

With the help of UV light, the gel nail polish dries off and clings right away onto your natural nails.

In just a matter of minutes or seconds, you will right away enjoy a non-smear and not easily chipped nail polish.

The process of using gel paint

To promote the long-term shiny effect of gel paint, you should use the gel paint through the following steps below

How to Apply Gel Nail Polish Perfectly?

Hygiene of nails

  • Wash hands then apply lotion to protect the skin around the nail and wait 5-10 minutes for the cream to penetrate.
  • Remove old nail polish and dirt from nails.
  • Once hands and nails are thoroughly clean, use a pusher, and push the cuticle up.
  • After cleaning your nails, let’s start the painting process

Step 1: Degreasing

Bonder Dehydrate can dry and clean the natural nail surface to increase the adhesion of the paint.

Through this priming agent, your newly gel-painted nails will achieve the long-lasting effect you need for your nails.

  • Apply a layer of Bonder to your nails
  • Let it dry for 20 seconds

Step 2: Paint the base

The base coat enhances the connection between the paint and the nail and acts as a protective barrier for your natural nails.

  • Apply a thin coat of Base Coat to your nails
  • Let it dry with an LED lamp for 60 seconds or a UV lamp for 120 seconds.

Step 3: Paint gel color

Enjoy the vibrant and modern colors inspired by the latest trends.

Layer a coating of the gel color of your preference while following the steps laid out:

  • Shake the gel nail polish well
  • Apply a thin layer to create a uniform base layer
  • Remember to always sweep the tip of the nail to avoid it from peeling off.
  • Dry your nails with an LED lamp for 60 seconds or a UV lamp for 120 seconds.
  • Continue to apply 1 or 2 more coats of gel paint to get the desired match of color
  • Dry each layer of gel paint with an LED lamp for 60 seconds or with a UV lamp for 120 seconds.

Step 4: Glossy coating

Top Coat creates shine and protects the paint film. It especially helps the nail to avoid discoloration and shine longer.

  • Apply a thick layer on top of the colored paint.
  • Dry with an LED lamp for 45 seconds or with a UV lamp for 90 seconds.
  • Use alcohol or a special gel cleaner to remove the adhesive on the final surface of the paint.

Characteristics to note

Although it’s a fun thing to get a nail makeover, one should also take note of the disadvantages of a gel nail polish.

Here are some of the negative characteristics one should to remember and take note of:

  • Toluene, the colorless liquid you apply as a nail primer, causes light-headedness or dizziness so only apply ample amount.
  • Methyl acrylate – can cause skin irritation on contact, Methyl Pyrrolidone, and BHA, butylated hydroxyanisole are carcinogens.
  • Make sure not to use gel paint regularly and instead, switch it with a regular nail polish to avoid health effects.
  • You can choose a nail polish that contains keratin, an important protein, to help replenish keratin on your nails.
  • To protect your skin while drying your nails under UV light, apply a little sunscreen before having it exposed to UV light.
  • Gel nail polish has very good adhesion as compared to false nails. To remove it, you need to use 100% pure acetone.
  •  Never use a nail file to scrape off the gel nail polish as using one will damage your natural nails.
  •  Avoid exposing your gel nail polish to the constant summer heat to prevent it from flaking off.


I’m always looking for inexpensive ways to spruce up the house, especially the walls.  So this wall piece is my latest addition.

I love the personal touch family pictures can bring to a home.  I like walking by and remembering all the fun and amazing things we’ve done together.  It really brightens my day!

heart wall close up

So I think you should make one too!


Supplies needed:
– 45 square pictures (postal pix is an easy way to order square prints.  Great for instagrams)

– tape

1.  Start with the longest row of pictures, which is the 3rd row from the top.  This row has nine pics.  Place one picture dead center, and then place 4 pictures on each side of it.  Stand back and make sure the line of pictures is straight.  If you’re a perfectionist, you can pull out the level, just to make sure.  It’s important you get this row straight, because the rest of the wall depends on it.

2.  Now make the row below it.  This row has 8 pics.  Start in the middle by placing each picture right in between the picture above it.  Now do the same thing with the next row below that, using 7 pictures.

3.  For the next row, you’ll only use 4 pictures, but do the same thing you did with the rows above it, by placing each pic in between the two above it.

4. Now place 2 pics directly below the middle two pictures of the row above it.  And then one more picture below that right in between the 2 pictures above it.

5.  Moving back up to the row you started with, find the picture directly in the middle of the row.  This should be the first picture you placed on the wall.  Imagine that pic, cut into fourths.  You’re going to place 2 pics above this pic, one 1/4 from the right side, and one 1/4 from the left side.  Making a gap in the middle of the row.  If that didn’t make sense, look at the picture, it might help.  Then continue by placing 8 pictures total in that row.

6.  Then place the rest of your pictures above and in between the pictures below it.  And you’re done!

Stand back and admire your new art piece.  It’s lovely, isn’t it?

heart wall

jen signature


I put polka dots on one of Z’s shirts yesterday.  The idea came to me after I realized the shirt had a big, ugly stain on it, and it wasn’t coming out (no matter how many of those pinterest laundry tricks I tried).  So I decided to cover it up with some paint.

polka dot tee2

Supplies needed:
a shirt
silver acrylic paint
30mm foam stencil brush

Place the cardboard inside the shirt, so the paint won’t seep through to the back.  Make sure the shirt is lying flat.  Use the stencil brush to make your dots.  The key here is to make sure you have enough paint on your brush to make a complete circle.  And when you place the dot on the shirt, push the brush down and tilt the handle around slightly to make sure you get a complete circle on the shirt.  You may want to practice a few times.  There is really no rhyme or reason to where I placed the dots. It was all random.  If you don’t like random, you could always break out the ruler.

Now I just need to make one for myself.

jen signature