How to Apply Gel Nail Polish Perfectly?

Gel nail polish is one of the hottest nail care trends today.

Aside from the beautiful color, design, and long-lasting effect, one should also pay attention to the disadvantages it brings.

To acquire an informed decision as to whether or not acquire gel nail polish, read through this article before deciding.

What is gel nail polish?

According to experts, gel nail polish is another term for hard artificial nails.

It is a liquid gel applied the same way with the regular one but deemed better as it does not leave brush strokes.

Each coat of nail polish is then subjected under LED with best led lamp for nails, which is a chemical process to help the gel set on nails.

How to Apply Gel Nail Polish Perfectly?

Gel nail polish is different from acrylic nail polish

The most common misunderstanding with nail art is conceiving gel nail polish to be the same with acrylic nail polish.

Acrylic nail polish is different from gel nail polish in a way that it is a combination of liquid and powder.

The said type of nail polish creates a protective layer on your natural nails and only has to be air-dried.

In essence, acrylic paints are often used to extend the length of nails or create an extra layer of durable, thicker nails.

Gel nails polish, on the other hand, is known as soak-off nail polish coming from a bottle or pot of gloop.

Compared to acrylic nail polish, gel nail polish is difficult to dry and needs to be cured under LED lights.

Also, acrylic paints are usually transparent or have nude colors. Gel paints come in all the same colors as regular paints.

Advantages of gel nail polish

  •  The gel nail polish is a chemical with moderate consistency. When applied, it provides gloss and durability.
  • Compared to acrylic powders, manicure gels are more durable in color, faster drying time, and much better gloss.
  •  Gel paint comes in all colors with different shades like normal paints but offers a glossy appearance.
  • The beauty of gel nail polish is that it can last up to a month without easily getting chipped away.

Why is gel paint durable?

The purple light emitting from the nail lamp is UV rays which help in drying the gel coating quickly.

With the help of UV light, the gel nail polish dries off and clings right away onto your natural nails.

In just a matter of minutes or seconds, you will right away enjoy a non-smear and not easily chipped nail polish.

The process of using gel paint

To promote the long-term shiny effect of gel paint, you should use the gel paint through the following steps below

How to Apply Gel Nail Polish Perfectly?

Hygiene of nails

  • Wash hands then apply lotion to protect the skin around the nail and wait 5-10 minutes for the cream to penetrate.
  • Remove old nail polish and dirt from nails.
  • Once hands and nails are thoroughly clean, use a pusher, and push the cuticle up.
  • After cleaning your nails, let’s start the painting process

Step 1: Degreasing

Bonder Dehydrate can dry and clean the natural nail surface to increase the adhesion of the paint.

Through this priming agent, your newly gel-painted nails will achieve the long-lasting effect you need for your nails.

  • Apply a layer of Bonder to your nails
  • Let it dry for 20 seconds

Step 2: Paint the base

The base coat enhances the connection between the paint and the nail and acts as a protective barrier for your natural nails.

  • Apply a thin coat of Base Coat to your nails
  • Let it dry with an LED lamp for 60 seconds or a UV lamp for 120 seconds.

Step 3: Paint gel color

Enjoy the vibrant and modern colors inspired by the latest trends.

Layer a coating of the gel color of your preference while following the steps laid out:

  • Shake the gel nail polish well
  • Apply a thin layer to create a uniform base layer
  • Remember to always sweep the tip of the nail to avoid it from peeling off.
  • Dry your nails with an LED lamp for 60 seconds or a UV lamp for 120 seconds.
  • Continue to apply 1 or 2 more coats of gel paint to get the desired match of color
  • Dry each layer of gel paint with an LED lamp for 60 seconds or with a UV lamp for 120 seconds.

Step 4: Glossy coating

Top Coat creates shine and protects the paint film. It especially helps the nail to avoid discoloration and shine longer.

  • Apply a thick layer on top of the colored paint.
  • Dry with an LED lamp for 45 seconds or with a UV lamp for 90 seconds.
  • Use alcohol or a special gel cleaner to remove the adhesive on the final surface of the paint.

Characteristics to note

Although it’s a fun thing to get a nail makeover, one should also take note of the disadvantages of a gel nail polish.

Here are some of the negative characteristics one should to remember and take note of:

  • Toluene, the colorless liquid you apply as a nail primer, causes light-headedness or dizziness so only apply ample amount.
  • Methyl acrylate – can cause skin irritation on contact, Methyl Pyrrolidone, and BHA, butylated hydroxyanisole are carcinogens.
  • Make sure not to use gel paint regularly and instead, switch it with a regular nail polish to avoid health effects.
  • You can choose a nail polish that contains keratin, an important protein, to help replenish keratin on your nails.
  • To protect your skin while drying your nails under UV light, apply a little sunscreen before having it exposed to UV light.
  • Gel nail polish has very good adhesion as compared to false nails. To remove it, you need to use 100% pure acetone.
  •  Never use a nail file to scrape off the gel nail polish as using one will damage your natural nails.
  •  Avoid exposing your gel nail polish to the constant summer heat to prevent it from flaking off.

Can I Use Any Shampoo During Pregnancy?

Normally, a woman takes care of her skin and hair very consciously all the time. When a woman is pregnant, at that time they may not take care of their hair properly because of their doubt whether they can use shampoo or not. This doubt has arisen because of the shampoo is good for their health and baby or not. You can choose and use shampoo when you are pregnant, but make sure the shampoo you have chosen meets certain criteria. It the shampoo is not meeting the criteria then it is strictly recommended to avoid that especially at the time of pregnancy.

Can I Use Any Shampoo During Pregnancy

Careful while choosing shampoo at the time of pregnant

In simple words, if a shampoo contains more chemicals in it then you must avoid it and then look for the shampoo specially made for the pregnant woman with natural ingredients. At the time of pregnancy, the hormones changes in your body. You might be experiencing some changes in the hair. It becomes thicker and sometimes straight hair changes to curly more that you expect. The scalp may get oilier because of changing hormones. For this problem it is better to choose the right shampoo if you go for the dandruff shampoo make sure you are consulting with the doctor. Consulting with a doctor before using shampoo is good for you and also the baby.

Top picks for a pregnant woman- Shampoos

We have come up with some of pregnancy shampoo that are chemical-free and help to take care of their hair especially at the time of pregnancy. The best shampoos for pregnancy are as follows.

Nine Naturals Citrus + Mint Nourishing Pregnancy Shampoo

There is no sulfate in it and this product is added with nine natural products in this shampoo. It contains peppermint, lime, lemon, butter and jojoba seed oil. The butter and seed oil present in it helps to shine the moisture more. The natural ingredients help to strengthen your hair and also help in preventing split-end. Make sure you are rinsing your hair properly as it may not leave your scalp. There is a chance of the shampoo stay in the scalp as it is a little bit adamant. The mint scent used in it especially at the time of 9 months.

Majestic Pure Hair Loss Shampoo

If you are experiencing heavy hair loss at the time of pregnancy then this shampoo will be the best option as it specially made for hair loss for a pregnant woman. The most important thing to be noticed with this shampoo is it is completely natural and herbal included product.  The shampoo has made with the gentle formula with the natural ingredients in it. The ingredients include niacin and biotin, these two bits of help in promoting healthy hair for a pregnant woman. It does not help only in reducing the hair loss and also in increasing the volume of your hair. Within a few days of usage you will experience stopping the hair loss.

Klorane Shampoo with Oat Milk

Looking for a mild scent shampoo you can prefer this for your use. It can be used for all the family members as it is good for all. It is completely free of sulfate, paraben and silicones. The Klorane’s Oat Milk shampoo has lathers up into pleasing foam. If the pregnant woman is experiencing a scalp problem the oak milk helps to get rid of this. It helps to calm the sensitive scalp.

Whamisa Organic Seeds Hair Shampoo

This shampoo is completely safest for a pregnant woman and those who are using it we assure that they are going to fall in love with it. They love not only because it is safe and also the formula used in it is so gentle. The formula used is helping in suits with the dry hair with the usual one. The natural ingredients used in it are extracted seed from HordeumVulgare and extracted leaf of Aloe Maculata. More nutrients and antioxidants come from fermented substances. With the natural ingredients it moisturizes deeply into your scalp that result in strengthening the hair for the pregnant woman. Many moms love to buy pregnancy shampoo because of hygiene standards in the manufacturing process. The scent used it naturally so it does no harm to the body.

Big Green Pregnancy Shampoo

The pregnancy shampoo contains exotic fruit extracts in it and also botanical oils. These ingredients helping in keeping your hair clean. And also these ingredients help in the moisture your scalp in a deep way. This shampoo helps in completely get rid of hair problems and damages in hair. It works out well as they have used only the good stuff ingredients. The stuff used in it will be in good quality, so you do not experience damage in your hair. There is no fragrance or artificial colors used in it and also free of parabens, sulfates, alcohol, and silicones.

Cleure Hypoallergenic Replenishment Conditioner for Sensitive Skin

One of the shampoos helps in keeping your hair always strong. The conditioner helps in moisturizing deeply. It is completely free of parabens, gluten, sulfates and some other chemicals. There are no artificial fragrances used in it. If a woman is experiencing sensitive skin then this will be the best option for them to get rid of the sensitive problem. To keep the hair strong go for it and make your hair so strong.

Christina Moss Naturals Organic Shampoo

From the name itself you can identify it is made of completely natural products. It is cruelty-free not only the shampoo, every product from this company. The nourishing comes when you use the shampoo is no harm to anyone. If you have colored your hair then you no need to worry about the shampoo and it will not affect the color. The essential oil and plant extracts used in it helps in shiny hair, soft hair, and clear. Even though your skin is sensitive it helps to get rid of it.

Consult with an expert to get rid of the confusion

Whatever, it is just go for the shampoo which is completely free from the chemicals and artificial fragrances. Always prefer the shampoo with natural ingredients in it. If you are worrying and still confusing to choose the best shampoo for pregnancy and consult the doctor whether to choose the shampoo you have selected or not. After consulting with them you will be out of the confusion.

How to Reopen Hair Follicles and the Reason for Blocked Hair Follicles

Are you reading this due to the fact that you are experiencing a hair loss? Do you believe that you have obstructed hair roots, which triggers loss of hair? If so, you have actually concerned the ideal location. Continue reading this post to find out more.

You need to comprehend how hair roots that are obstructed can trigger a reduction in the quantity of hair. The hair that outgrows the scalp is referred to as hair shaft; it is formed by cells that are no longer alive. The part that lives is the part you do not see; it lies under the scalp. Picture if the hair follicle is obstructed, how then can the hair push out of the scalp? The hair has a natural propensity to press out of the surface area of the scalp as its root is promoted to development. Choose best shampoo for folliculitis.

When the hair roots is obstructed, you will discover less hair, growing out. What are the factors for obstructed roots anyhow? Keep reading.

How to Reopen Hair Follicles

What cause?

Oily scalp

If you have an oily scalp, roots can be obstructed by oil due to the over production of oil. Take a look at the skin on your face; is oiliness an issue for you? It is simple to inform if you have an oily scalp issue; your hair rapidly ends up being oily and you need to hair shampoo typically.

If oil is what is obstructing the roots, utilize a great hair shampoo for oily hair (or scalp) and hair shampoo as typically as requirement. Once again, not too typically, due to the fact that you do not desire to promote your scalp to over fruit and vegetables oil; as it is, it is ‘over promoted’. Treating your scalp with caring care will yield you a head with more hair instead of less.


What if your issue is because of a more major one; such as one that is hereditary. Take a look at your dad; does he experience baldness? If he does and you are his child, your opportunity of the exact same taking place to you is extremely high compared to those who do not have a daddy with comparable issue.

This hereditary baldness can trigger the roots to be smaller sized than regular. You can see how a smaller sized than regular hair follicle has a greater possibility to be obstructed. It can get quickly obstructed; whether it is by oil or not.

Whatever your case might be; sound judgment guidelines. Hair shampoo frequently; as soon as a week at the minimum for truly typical and healthy hair; hair shampoo a minimum of two times for oily hair. Incredibly oily hair might be shampooed a minimum of 3 times a week. Some individuals hair shampoo daily which is great too, particularly if your hair is long.

What Eliminates Hair Roots and is there Any Solutions?

No matter whether you are a male or female, nobody wishes to lose their hair. With hair loss being a far more frequently issue for guys, with numerous of them losing hair throughout their lives, it can be a great concept to look at what eliminates hair roots, is there a method to avoid it or even a method to restore the hair follicles?


If you look anywhere opportunities are you will have great deals of medical lingo flung at you that you will not comprehend totally. There are numerous ‘typical’ factors for loss of hair which we might most likely develop ourselves such as, burning or having a scalp injury at a long time throughout your life.

Or, maybe having a fungal infection which will harm the hair follicles and the charming medical lingo factor is because of the androgen hormonal agent being transformed into dihydrotestosterone which will throughout the years develop in the hair roots avoiding you to grow healthy hair generally.

The very first 2 factors can appear quickly preventable to some level, it is simply the last, exists any method to avoid or solve a develop of dihydrotestosterone.


There are usually great deals of drugs out there which are to fight the impacts of harmed hair roots; it is simply a case of discovering the one which is the most reliable which is most likely to work for you. If you are seeing some loss of hair then obtain to a doctor rapidly to talk about these drugs as it can be far more difficult to deal with roots when the damage is serious.

For those who do have extreme damage, you might discover it useful to integrate 2 different techniques to enhance your hair roots. Another choice are the hair re-growth items you see in tv advertisements.

Much of us see this adverts and laugh them off as they declare to bring back hair development, nevertheless numerous do not understand that they intend to promote the hair roots and target the issues which lie underneath which will in turn promote more health development, these items will not work for everybody nevertheless they are definitely worth a shot, even if you are on drugs for this attempting among these items can be practical.


Understanding what eliminates hair roots is fantastic as it suggests you are much better able to comprehend what is taking place and how you can avoid it occurring. It can be an upsetting time nevertheless if you understand quickly adequate then it can be avoided.

This is why all excellent scalp treatment strategies need to initially concentrate on the reason for the issue to avoid are incident of the exact same issue. This is likewise why many individuals treat their scalp with off the rack treatment items just to discover the issue returns or becomes worse. As soon as you comprehend the preliminary or continuous reason for your problem, and do something about it to prevent hair items and even dandruff treatment items which contain annoying items, you can concentrate on a natural treatment option in the house to relieve and recover yourself.

How to Get Pretty Eyes?

Eye issues can be quickly avoided if you practice necessary eye care routines daily. Remarkably, they are extremely useful and simple to achieve yet they tend to be the most overlooked.

To preserve your eye health and to keep your vision sharp, here are twelve things that need to belong to your everyday regimen like Japanese Eye creams.

How to Get Pretty Eyes

Prevent rubbing your eyes.

The hands are exposed to a lot of dirt, dust and germs, and all of these can be quickly moved to your peepers each time you touch or rub them. Prevent putting your hands to your eyes to avoid infection and inflammation. If the practice is so implanted on you, make an effort to eliminate it as quickly as possible.

Practice regular hand cleaning.

Wash your hands routinely to keep germs at bay and avoid them from getting in contact with your eyes, glasses, and contact lenses.

Safeguard your eyes from the sun.

Direct exposure to sunshine and UV rays increases your danger for age-related macular degeneration and may trigger cornea sunburn or photokeratitis. Aside from making a style statement and including zest to your total look, put on those sunglasses to safeguard your eyes. If using them is not up your street, UV-protected glasses or contact lenses will do. Placing on caps, visors and hats are also recommended.

Stay hydrated.

Enough fluid consumption is vital to your body’s general wellness, consisting of the eyes.

Do not smoke.

Smoking can also harm the optic nerves, which can have negative results on your vision overtime.

Keep correct monitor distance and room lighting.

Computer monitors ought to be placed about an arm’s length far from the eyes and 20 degrees listed below eye level. This keeps your eyes from getting stretched. Make sure that you have enough however diffused lighting in your room. Focused and too brilliant lights may result to glare, and this can put excessive tension on the eyes.

Use the best type of eye makeup.

If you use cosmetics, select the brands that work well for you. Stay away from eye shadows, mascara, and eye liners that trigger an allergy to your eyes. Do not forget to use a makeup remover before going to bed to prevent bacterial accumulation from recurring cosmetics left in the eye area. Clean your cosmetics brushes frequently, particularly those that you use for eye cosmetics application.

Get enough sleep.

Much like the rest of your body, your eyes need to charge too, and this occurs while you sleep.

Use the suitable eye security equipment for different activities.

No matter what you do, make certain that your eyes are secured. If you’re swimming, use safety glasses to prevent exposing your eyes to chlorine. If you’re gardening or participating in to a Do It Yourself project at home, put on security glasses to safeguard your eyes from dust particles, germs, and injuries.

Keep your environments clean.

Direct exposure to dirt and dust can aggravate the eyes; so ensure that the locations you regular are well kept and clean. Change you linens and towels routinely and keep your workstation clutter-free.

Security and security practices will be the last issue. According to stats, most issues take place throughout high danger jobs are because of employees’ negligence. You especially need to get some security securities in order to take care of your eyes if you are a high danger job employee. It’s specifically essential for you to get some protection practices when you work around source of fire in a factory or do chemical affairs in a laboratory. Whatever is possible while you do run the risk of jobs, a blast for example, security goggles are always in requirement at that time to secure your eyes.


To safeguard eyes in a proper way suggests not just get in touch with your optometrist at regular periods, however also knowing the techniques to look after your eyes. As stated above, optometrist is just in charge of inspecting your eye illness and offering you prescriptions. It’s completely your business to keep great eye condition. The eyes are the most susceptible however valuable part of your body, so you need to take some measurements, like preventing bad routines and carrying out security practices to keep excellent vision!

Why is It Important to Wash Your Face?

It is very much important to wash your face often because when you completely stop washing your face then your face pores will become clogged and this results in the development of the serious acne in your face. After getting the serious acne your face skin could also experience the combination of the severe irritation, redness and dryness from insufficient hydration. Finally, your face skin would appear as greasy, dirty, significantly aged and oily. When you stop washing your face then most likely it would develop incredible itchiness on your face skin where this will constantly force to the development of scratches on your face area. Then this could lead to breaks out of the face skin which serves as entry points for the infection, so it is considered very important one to wash your face frequently with cold water for getting the maximum number of benefits.

Nowadays there are a number of facial cleanser beauty products are available on the market and by using the facial cleanser products you can wash your face where this provides the maximum number of benefits. As an end result of using the facial cleanser products you can keep your skin looking healthy and radiant, moreover this cleansing helps anti-aging treatments and products work properly. When you use facial cleansing product regularly then it helps you to maintain the proper pore size on your face and the cleansing also prevents the production of the excess oils on your face and encourage the proper skin hydration. You can also make Google search on the internet to know and read more about the importance of doing the face wash regularly.

Important to Wash Your Face

About the Benefits of washing your face

Everyone starts their day by washing their face, because washing the face is found to be necessary work that has to be done after getting up in the morning, this removes the excess oil from your face and makes your face to look fresh. When you have the habit of washing your face morning and evening then you feel refreshed and this keeps our skin clean and bright. Therefore you must wash your face twice a day in order to be free from the dirt, oil, avoid dryness moreover it also removes the dead cells from your face skin.

If you do not wash you face in the right way and at the right time then it can damage your skin in the serious way, so you should choose the facial wash cream according to your skin type only then you can achieve the best results. If you want to stay from the chemical face wash then you must pick the natural face washer in order to achieve the best results and to be free from the severe side effects. The following are the benefits of washing your face regularly. They are.

Benefits of washing your face regularly

  • Keeps your skin hydrated – Daily and regular cleansing of the skin helps you in keeping the skin pH level balanced and when you do this your skin looks glowing and soft. When you are doing the face wash then it completely removes the dead cells from your face, so that your face will be retaining the natural moistures.
  • Helps in exfoliating the skin – Washing your face not only removes the dirt and oil from your face but it also removes the dead and dry cells where this makes your face radiant and soft every day.
  • Your skin looks youthful – When the dead and dry cells are removed from your skin then your skin gets the air properly where this helps the skin to retain the moisture and makes you to look young.
  • Keeps your skin clean – Massaging and washing your face helps in improving the blood circulation on the skin where this gives you a glow to your skin and it is found to be the best facial process to your skin.
  • Better blood circulation – You face is the impact of dirt, pollution, sweat etc ever day thus washing the face is extremely a necessary one that removes the dirt and oil from your face where this helps the face skin breathe.

It is found to be very important thing that you must read more things about the need of doing the face wash regularly where this helps your skin to retain the moisture and makes you to look young.