Tutorial: A Very Simple Hair Bow

Oh how I love making little hair things for Z.  I've made a variety of things, but these are by far my favorite.  I couldn't possibly love these little bows any more.  They're so cute, so easy to make, and incredibly cheap.  What's not to love, right?  So let's get started.

1.  Gather supplies:  ribbon, a glue gun, and a hair clip
2.  Measure your ribbon.  You need 1 - 5" strip, 1- 4" strip, and 1 - 2" strip
3.  Fold your 5" and 4" strips in half and make a crease at the half point.  You now know exactly where your half way point is.  Now bring both ends together to meet in the middle and glue.
4.  Glue one piece on top of the other with a dab of glue in the middle.
5.  Take the 2" strip and wrap it around the other pieces and the clip.  Glue into place.  *This can be a little tricky because you want the strip to go under the middle of the clip, but over the two sides of the clip.
6.  Then flip it over and you have a perfect little hair bow.

Easy right?  I think so.  It doesn't get much cuter than this.



  1. THANK YOU, JEN! I am a huge fan of the small and simple. "Z" is precious.

  2. I love it and... I will do, sure !

  3. Great hair bow! Cute, classic and easy to make. P.S. That kid is adorable!! Cindy Lou Who comes to mind ;0)

  4. Hi!
    Where do you get your ribbon from?

    1. Hobby Lobby - Velvet Ribbon. I think it's 3/8". They also have some glittery ribbon I really want to try out!

  5. I have been wondering how to make this type of bow! Thank you for the easy and thorough explanation!!

  6. I'm gonna recreate this on my blog and give you credits :) thanks!

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  8. This is sooo easy and cute! :) Love it!

  9. But yeah, the kid on the picture is much much cuter than the ribbon though. Lol. :))

  10. Thank you foe share Jen, you are very kind.